SHRM Meeting

Thursday, March 24th 2016

7:15 P.M. SB 4160

Join us to learn about Quicken Loans and their recruiting processes

Talking about the upcoming SHRM Toledo trip to Quickenloans

Samantha Salway

College Recruiter at Quicken Loans

Detroit, Michigan

Free pizza and pop! Any major welcome!


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Meeting Minuets from the Tenneco Meeting!

Society for Human Resource Management

Meeting Minutes for February 11, 2016 Representatives from Tenneco

Meeting called by Rachel Gosselin  
Facilitator Dr. Wittmer  
Note taker Kristin Sutor  
Ashley Kaptur    
Kyle Shaefer    




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Next meeting Feb. 25 we will do ALICE training with UTPD KEEP EYE OUT FOR ROOM CHANGE

ProMedica in all HR fields will hold a conference with us if enough people sign up, Hala sent out link please sign up


Both are HR generalists at Tenneco. Ashley has been there for a year and a half. Describes her job as a lot of emails and managing of things in the building. A lot of customer service, training, planning events, etc. Helps put together a large event including heads of all HR fields that discusses all things going on in the field currently. Has a strong relationship with United Way and spends a lot of time with various community relations. Ashley was former president of SHRM, she worked with Pontoon Solutions, learned a lot of recruiting and scheduling, building a lot of skills necessary for HR. After a small time with a difficult position for a new graduate, began work with Tenneco.

Kyle Shaefer attended ST. Francis de Sales and UT. After getting involved on campus in Alpha Kappa Psi, he was required to interview all active members and was encouraged to explore HR. Planned to get degree in HR and then go to law school. While applying for and completing internship with GE got a totally different view on HR including grievance meetings and communication. Interned at Tenneco and had a great experience and came back full time. At Tenneco, got a lot of experience with scheduling, hiring, and interviewing. Also got to work with technology, where he found his niche. After graduation, worked as talent acquisition specialist at The Anderson’s. Left The Anderson’s at short notice to join as a generalist at Tenneco. Ashley touches the people more, Kyle utilizes the technology. HR is a field that changes on a day to day basis, so he is ready for anything walking into the office each day. Kyle spends an hour or two each day on the phone with corporate. On March 1, will receive role as HR Specialist in training and systems, will spend more time with corporate.

Ashley had a lot of involvement this past year “cleaning house.” She dealt with high turnover and low engagement scores to improve the company. Ashley was sent to plants to assist troubled HR departments with anything they needed. She learned a lot about how Tenneco works, the product, and how plants work.

Ashley reinforces that you need to get along with your co-workers, and when an issues arises you need to be able to work it out. They become a work family, and you need to feel like you fit in.


Q: What do you do on a daily basis to ensure safety of employees?

A: If there is a change-over in machine, every person gets retrained on and there are safety standards that have to be met. Even small changes require new training. There are always mistakes, so it is necessary to have strong leaders on the plant to build motivation and lowers mistakes. By knowing the process, you can train and understand your company better. You build a passion for the company and your employees appreciate it. –Ashley

Communication and training are key. You have to drill people that safety is the most important thing. Reminding them of their safety and retraining are key. Knowing how the process in the plant works is key. Get real-world experience. –Kyle

Q: What drew you to get your Master’s degree?

A: We are still in an awkward phase where we are between high education and no experience, or a lot of experience and an Associates. I always wanted my Masters so that drove my decision. I work well under stress and I like the full load. –Kyle

I decided after starting graduate school to not get my Masters. I would recommend working for a year before getting into a Master’s program. I wanted to learn more about the company and have a strong relationship with friends and family. You need to decide what you want out of life, and apply that to your decision to go to grad school or not. – Ashley

Q: Do you work on the line and find it helpful?

A: I have not at Tenneco, but I have at a window company. I did the line a few times to see the process, but I was only there two months. At Tenneco, I requested a plant tour to see the lines, how they work, the managers, and the whole process. –Ashley

I have not either. Ashley has been to the plants more than me, but at GE I got to go to the plants often to see the process. I got very familiar with the plant and process. –Kyle

Q: Is that Co-op still going on at GE?

A: I’m not sure, but I will find out and let you know.

Q: What other opportunities does Tenneco offer as far as internships and more?

A: We revamped our internship program recently. When we saw a lot of work pile up, Kyle and I decided to hire an intern. It has since evolved into a development program. Last year we had one intern. We decided then to hire two girls who did background checks, scheduling interviews, etc. Kim graduated in December and was hired on full time. Megan has been hired on and will start Feb 22. The department is shifting, and it is a huge learning experience. We have one intern hired on full time currently. In the fall, we will open a new internship. Keep an eye out for it! – Ashley

Q: What classes have influenced or helped you most in your work?

A: Training and Development has helped me now in my career. Being able to structure, train, and stand in front of people has been a learned skill. Our boss is no longer here, so we had the opportunity to take on a high leadership position. She started to back off of processes, we got to jump on them and develop them. We have a new boss, and it has been interesting to change dynamics and learn a new management style.  –Ashley

I would say the same. It has been relevant in every job I’ve had. We have had a lot of change, so training has been very important to our jobs. We have started a “Just-In-Time” training that trains people during different times of the years. –Kyle

Q: In a department where you are both generalists, how do you divvy up the special roles?

A: We are a global company, but incorporated out of the US. At HQ, they are almost exclusively specialists that can be very spread out location wise. We have changed HR structure a lot over the past 5 years. HR used to report to plant manager, who reported to a HR manager. Many layers have been added. Each HR group reports to the VPs who report to the HR president. –Kyle

We have different centers and groups for different sections of HR. We act as a liaison between groups. HR goes out on plant floor to ask employees if they need anything, and it has built a lot of relationship between line workers and HR. –Ashley

Q: Why were the layers added?

A: A little bit because of growth, a little because of change. We have added so many different functions and products, so the change became necessary. –Ashley

We have different specialties. Ashley knows more about the line and plants, I know more about the training. –Kyle

Q:  Pontoon Solutions is coming to the Career Fair tomorrow. What is your experience there?

A: It is a good experience in college. They have a lot of college students. They have a lot of companies sourced to them for recruitment. Being a recruiter there, you learn a lot about other companies too. You work on a team of 5-20 and you screen resumes, schedule and administer interviews, and act as an extension of the company’s HR. You do a lot of research on the companies you work for because you administer the interview and sell people on the company. It is sales, HR, and customer service.–Ashley

I will admit I have no interest in recruitment. It is important, though. It is the backbone of HR at any level. Your employees are your most valuable research. –Kyle

Q: Any parting advice?

A: Be open to the different responsibilities. You will find what you truly love through the experience, and there are so many parts of HR that you don’t normally think of, but I became obsessed with. Don’t settle into the first company you work for and think about where you want to be in the next few years. –Ashley

Same thing, be open to anything. –Kyle

Closing: Thank you, Ashley and Kyle!

February 11th, 2016 Tenneco Meeting!!

SHRM Meeting
Thursday, February 11th, 2016
7:15 P.M. SB 4160
Join us for to learn more about Tenneco!!!


Ashley Kaptur the Human Resource Generalist at Tenneco and Kyle Schaefer Human Resource Generalist at Tenneco will be presenting!


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Final Meeting of Fall Semester!!

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015
7:15 P.M. SB 4160
Our final meeting for the semester

What’s on the agenda:
• Elections for the following positions:
o Secretary
o Director of Finance
o Director of New Media Relations
• Appointed Positions:
o Community Service Outreach
o NOHRA Liaisons
Be sure to come if you are interested in a position!
• Plans and ideas for the upcoming semester
• Learning and Development experience opportunity!
• We will not have a speaker at this meeting

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BUT WAIT! There’s more…

Joining us for our last meeting of the semester will be Northwest Ohio Human Resource Association (NOHRA), Student Relations Chair, Pam Shanks! Pam will be working closely with UTSHRM to develop a closer relationship between NOHRA and UT SHRM, and she will be joining us to introduce herself, talk about the benefits of attending NOHRA meetings, and to answer any questions regarding the current scholarship that is available through NOHRA. Hope to see you there!


Thank you everyone for a great semester! Please join us for the last meeting of the Spring semester, Wednesday, April 15, 2015, at 7:15 p.m. in SB 4160. We will be serving FREE Jimmy Johns subs! This is going to be a meeting you won’t want to miss, as we will be holding a professional panel, so come prepared with questions! We will be hosting:

  • Gary Loach, Toledo Branch Manager and Benefits Analysis Coordinator, Capabilities
  • Tammy Holder, Executive Director, Beach House Family Shelter
  • Alex Blazevich, Recruiting Coordinator, Northwestern Mutual
  • Candiss Schneider, Human Resources & Operations Director, Foresight Veterinary Management


SHRM HONOR CORDS ARE IN! Those who purchased honor cords, make sure that you attend this meeting so that you can pick them up to have it for graduation! See you there!

UT Speaker: Jovita Thomas-Williams

Who is ready for warmer weather? Please join us tomorrow night, March 4, 2015, at 7:15 p.m. for pizza and pop as we spring right into March with a fantastic speaker: Jovita Thomas-Williams, Associate Vice President for UT Human Resources and Talent Development. See you there! Any major is welcome!

ProMedica Speakers: Chrissy Sarantou and Stacey Kuehn

February is half over, but this semester for UT SHRM is just starting! Joining us Wednesday, February 18, at 7:15 p.m., will be Chrissy Sarantou, HR Service Representative, and Stacey Kuehn, HR Service Coordinator, from ProMedica! Chrissy and Stacey will be discussing ProMedica’s employee development programs and furthering your education. This will be a meeting you won’t want to miss; see everyone Wednesday! Any major is welcome!